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We are on a mission to improve confidence & possibilities for all women. Feel empowered!

LIV|VIE ANVERS is a luxury fashion label founded by Kim Jacobs & Annie Wouters. Two strong women, with the mission to inspire and support all women to be successful, confident and authentic.  For these women LIV|VIE ANVERS presents the S.U.I.T. (which stands for Support, Unapologetic, Inspire & Transform).


Kim Jacobs
Ex-miss Flanders (2000), Kim is also a teacher, singer at the Flemish group TOP POPS and mother of two beautiful daughters. Kim is an energetic, positive-minded and creative energy. Her creative ideas are thoughtful, detailed and original & she resolutely opts for honest, stylish and comfortable designs. So many creative designs, so many dreams - so much more magic to share with you.
"I design luxurious, comfortable & elegant women apparel to serve every contemporary woman. My designs must encourage every woman to feel confident when going out & feel supported to slow down and treating herself with some nurturing cocoon time.
During my modelling career, taking off my heels and dress was my first priority when getting home. Also today, when arriving home I cannot find the comfort I am looking for in my business attire or even my jeans !
On the other hand, I always missed the elegant & classy look when wearing casual loungewear. I would never leave the house in a baggy sweater or sweat-style pants.
I decided to design a S.U.I.T. that would give me the comfort & confidence I was looking for. This resulted in a quest of many years looking for the perfect material & fitting.

The result of years of sampling, is our LIV|VIE S.U.I.T.

The S.U.I.T. literally turned my reality upside down, it changed me personally and attracted to my path incredibly creative and talented people and amazing opportunities.

I could not have believed that 1 igniting idea would set in motion the creative process of the S.U.I.T. and led to the unfolding of an amazing adventure and manifestation.


Please embrace the belief that your thoughts are the creator of your reality and your future. Bliss and success are on your path, waiting for you to believe & to commit.

I hope the S.U.I.T. may inspire you & serve you, in every way possible."


An expat experience of 10 years & an international education gave Annie an open mindset. She works at the family law firm, she is a businesswoman and mother of three amazing sons. Annie is dynamic & ambitious and loves a challenge. With her organizational talent, her legal studies and her feeling for entrepreneurship she steers the creative plans of LIV|VIE in the right direction. After a cup of coffee, she knows how to get things done.

“When Kim showed me her first samples of the LIV|VIE S.U.I.T., I was blown away by the luxury of the look & feel, as well as the embracing comfort when trying it on. Also her story inspired me profoundly; how a shortcoming or frustration she was experiencing in her daily life led to a creative igniting idea to design a solution. Her purpose led to an amazing creative quest.
The S.U.I.T. is much more than a physical creation by itself. It was not only designed out of a lack of comfort but also a desire for confidence. I believe it is this purpose, that inspired me to create a fashion label with a vision and mission to support, inspire and empower women.

In the most positive way, this creative journey also turned my life upside down. The S.U.I.T. serves me with inspiration to develop a socially committed business. A business with a mission to do better, in every way possible. Better for every woman, better for the planet, better for communities in need.  

I hope the LIV|VIE S.U.I.T. can support you in being your authentic self.
Be confident showing the world who you are. That is the most powerful presence from which you can unfold your amazing journey.
Confidence & self-growth are your new wealth status.
Believe, commit & inspire others by being you.”


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