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Our mission to do better integrates the ‘Slow living’ philosophy, a lifestyle emphasizing slower approaches to everyday life to live conscious, meaningful and balanced.

Slow living' lifestyle

Our mission to do better also integrates the ‘Slow living’ philosophy, a lifestyle emphasizing slower approaches to everyday life to live conscious, meaningful and balanced.

Endorsing this lifestyle, we gave a lot of thought and attention to the comfort of the LIV|VIE S.U.I.T.. We sought for the right balance of elegance and comfort in our fitting to inspire and empower our customers to live successfully, maximizing opportunities and overcoming challenges, as well as encouraging relaxed and leisurely activities, moments to slow down, for self-reflection and nourishing oneself.

Your signature S.U.I.T. will give you that touch of confidence, power and elegance to face the hustle of today’s society and harness every professional opportunity, as well as the comfort to slow down and treat yourself with some loving me-time.

Bliss and fulfilling lifestyle

We believe that the combination of both results in a balanced, fulfilling and blissful life. This makes LIV|VIE more than just a fashion brand, the S.U.I.T. stands for a declaration of authentic values and living a blissful lifestyle. So, slow down, take a deep breath and treat yourself some elegance, comfort and authenticity.

At LIV|VIE we recognize and enthusiastically applaud the growing use of sustainable alternatives and corporate responsibility in the fashion industry. For any business of start-up today, no matter the industry, authenticity, values & service are equally important as accountable resources & sustainable corporate operations.

Therefore, WHY & HOW we do things at LIV|VIE are so important, in fact they were the ignition & the dynamics of WHAT we can show you today: our designer S.U.I.T..

At LIV|VIE we believe also a behavioural shift is necessary at the side of the consumer. The fast fashion industry can maximize sustainable deployment and improve employee rights and working conditions,but also a behaviour shift on the side of the consumer is important.

Notwithstanding all initiatives to do better, the fashion industry remains a big consumer of natural resources and a polluter, causing damage to our environment. And we as end-users contribute to a global problem of textile waste and overproduction through over-consumption. To state it boldly, 10 eco-friendly products still remain more polluting than 1 eco-responsible product. Here we believe it is up to the consumer to shift to a more authentic & responsible shopping. ‘Buy less, buy better.’

We prioritized this ‘conscious consumption’ during our whole process: from our first designs of a classic feminine time-less cut, our choice of resources, our production and how we wear and look after the LIV|VIE S.U.I.T.. We were convinced we could be conscious the entire way to design a better and responsible S.U.I.T.. The result is an elegant S.U.I.T. that will never be out of fashion, sustainably sourced in a silk natural fibre of an exceptional quality. A reinvigorating S.U.I.T. that advocates an environmental friendly lifestyle and conscious consumption.

The LIV|VIE S.U.I.T. is meant to last, to be kind to you and our planet, to style you for any opportunity and many occasions whenever you may need that extra bit off ‘bliss’.

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