Order Status

Once your order has been processed, you will receive a Shipping Notification email. This email will include your tracking code and a link to check your order status. If you have not received a Shipping Notification email in a timely manner, please check the spam file of your email. 

You can also log in to your LIV|VIE account to check the status of your order or contact our customer department at


Processing Order Delays

Processing your order takes approximately 1-2 business days. Orders placed on a weekend or holiday will be processed within the next 1-2 business days. Please note that occasionally processing your order may experience a short delay due to a high volume of orders or delays with processing payment.

You will receive a Shipping Notification email with a tracking code as soon as your order is processed in our warehouse.  In the meanwhile you can check the status of your order in your LIV|VIE account or contact our customer department at Thank you for your patience.


Attention - Shipping Time

Once your order has been processed by our warehouse, you will receive a Shipping Notification email from the logistic partner with a track & trace code and an estimated time for delivery. Our LIV|VIE Customer Service will always select the logistic partner offering the most favorable carrier conditions for your order.

Unfortunately, worldwide carriers are facing delays. Therefore, also your LIV|VIE order could occasionally experience a delivery delay. If the case, the logistic partner will notify you by email of any delays they may be experiencing. You can always contact their customer service for additional information if you are not satisfied with the notification of delay. 

In case of confusion, please check the tracking status of your order at the carriers website using your track & trace for any updates.  or contact our customer department at and we will accurately inform you as soon as possible regarding the  delivery status of your order. Please provide us with your order number and tracking code when reaching out to us. Thank you for your patience.


Shipping Charges

Shipping charges are always charged to the consumer.

The shipping cost for your order is estimated and charged during check-out at the webshop. Once your order has been confirmed, our warehouse carefully selects the best logistics partner with most favorable delivery conditions to deliver your order. No additional costs can be charged or refunded bij LIV|VIE if the actual shipping cost would proven different to the charged estimated cost.

We believe the environmental cost of free shipping is not compatible with our sustainable goals. Instead of promoting free shipping, LIV|VIE donates 5€ for every S.U.I.T. sold to the LIV|VIE Foundation for social development projects with a special focus on women & children.

On top of that, we will also launch occasional promotions to compensate the ecologic footprint of our LIV|VIE webshop orders by contributions to Sustainable Forest Management projects.




Follow the status of your order

Once your package has been shipped, you will receive a Shipping Notification at the email address you provided during check-out at the webshop. This email contains an estimated time for delivery and a track & trace code with which you can follow the delivery status of your package.


Track & trace code not working?

Your package can be traced from the moment that the driver has registered his route for the day. It is therefore possible that the code only works 12 hours after receipt of the Shipping


Your parcel was not delivered correctly

It may be that the driver is experiencing last-minute delays due to traffic or unexpected circumstances, causing a delay to the estimated time of delivery of your package. In such case, we advise you to first consult your track and trace code for any real-time updates about the delivery of your package.

Additionally, you can also contact the customer service of the logistic partner - please find the contact details in the Shipping Notification e-mail.

If still in doubt, please contact our LIV|VIE customer service at Our customer service will confirm receipt and following-up on your request within 48 hours. Please provide us with your track and trace code. We will reach out to the courier and request a delivery update on your behalf. Since we are dependent on the courier for information, we cannot guarantee getting back to you in a timely manner. Please do know we will do all we can.


Not home at the time of delivery?

If you are not at home at the time of delivery, the package can be delivered to a pick-up point in your neighbourhood or another safe place if you register your delivery preferences. This can be at a neighbor or at an accessible safe place around your house. The logistic partner will request for instructions concerning an alternative place of delivery. Please follow-up on this request in a timely manner, before delivery of your package, if you wish to use these services. If not the package will be delivered at a pick-up point or the courier may reach out to you to schedule a new appointment.

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