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At LIV|VIE we support the use of sustainable alternatives and recognize our corporate responsibility to change the strain of the fashion industry on Mother Earth. Your S.U.I.T. is meant to be kind to you & our planet. Maximum comfort for minimal impact.

Sustainability focus

At LIV|VIE we recognize our corporate responsibility to ensure the riches and the beauty of our planet for future generations. We appreciate what we have, we try to make wise choices and support innovative solutions for sustainable challenges. 

We would like to share with you our story of sustainable choices. Are we 100% sustainable? No, not yet ! But we can honestly say that, in every step of our production, we pay close attention to our sustainability and social responsibility.  

European made

We work with European manufacturers who invest in renewable energy, package recycling and waste reduction. Keeping our production in Europe, nearby to our LIV|VIE headquarters and customers, enables us to reduce our carbon footprint. To offset the carbon footprint for webshop deliveries, we are working closely with our logistics partners to minimize the effect of our delivery footprint.

Natural silk fiber

We exclusively work with mulberry silk sourced without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Our mulberry silk is sourced from the silkworms of the Bombyx mori moth who feed exclusively on the leaves of mulberry trees. Mulberry trees require less water then the production of cotton, can rejuvenate the earth and prevent soil erosion.

Better chemicals

In practice, all of our zippers, buttons, clothing labels and silk fabrics are OEKO-TEX 100 certified.

In our dyeing and washing process we focus on using new techniques and better chemicals with a lower environmental impact. These techniques comply with all the restrictions imposed by certifications such as GOTS, GRS and OEKO-TEX 100. 

Additionally, we only work with European partners to treat and dye our mulberry silk who invest in energy renewal initiatives and make efforts to process waste water and emissions.

No-waste policy

Our European production partner invests in efficient pattern-cutting processes to maximize the reduction of textile waste. 

Additionally, any leftover silk is creatively processed in the production of original accessories. These unique accessories consist of scrunchies, bandana's, headbands and bracelets that are offered in our webshop or patches of silk gifted or distributed for promotion.

These unique and fancy silk accessories have a great story and are truly an upgrade to your S.U.I.T.. Our mulberry silk is just to precious to leave any patch unused !

Recycled polyester

Our LIV|VIE clothing labels are made from recycled polyester yarns produced from recycled PET plastic bottles & fishing nets. This helps to reduce the great environmental impact of post-consumer plastics and ocean waste. Also, recycled polyester saves over 75% of the greenhouse gas emissions and more than 90% of the chemicals needed to produce virgin polyester. 

Also, for each kilogram of recycled polyester fabric, 62% less energy and 99% less water are needed, compared to virgin polyester. 

FSC paper

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international label for sustainable forestry. The FSC hallmark provides assurance that the raw material for paper products is derived from responsibly managed forests.

Our LIV|VIE clothing hangtags are made from 100% FSC paper. We work with European production partners who value transparency.

Recyclable, biodegradable webshop boxes

Our LIV|VIE webshop boxes are made from 100% recycled kraft paper. Also, the ink on our webshop boxes and the glue from our stickers are free from harmful chemicals. Also our tissue paper is made from recycled paper and biodegradable.

Fair collaborations

We are a young and dynamic fashion label that sets the bar high. That requires self-knowledge to outsource components of our production process to the right professionals.  This business ethic results in collaborations based on transparency and honest communication.

From all our production partners, we require transparency, quality controls and regular updates. We can proudly state that our production process is conform EU labor and safety regulations. Our production partners guarantee that there is no dust or noise pollution, that there are good working hours, safe working conditions for employees, no child labor and fair wages.

We also secure the same guarantees for the production of our clothing tags and packaging materials by also working with reputable European partners. 

We wholeheartedly believe that our planet deserves all of our efforts to secure its wonder for future generations.

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