Are you visiting Paris this summer? Don’t forget to pack your favorite LIVVIE S.U.I.T.!

Summer in Paris is the busiest time of the year and an ideal season to fully enjoy the city! Particularly during August, when most Parisiens and Parisiennes head to their secondary residences in the Provence and Riviera.

Temperatures in Paris can vary greatly in one day, with the morning and evening temperatures around 15°C and during daytime up to 30°C. Your LIVVIE S.U.I.T. is your timeless and effortless-chic ensemble that will keep you stylish and refreshed all day long!

When outside temperatures are chilly, your silk S.U.I.T. will retain your body heat and keep you warm. When outdoor temperatures rise, your body temperature will be maintained by the insulating layer created by the silk between your body and the heat.

Top this with the anti-bacterial qualities of silk and its ability to absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture. No hot flashes, no sweat stains or any unpleasant smells guaranteed to ruin your effortless chic style!

Dress-up or dress-down your S.U.I.T. with accessories and the right choice of footwear. A chic pair of leather flat sandals is always a stylish option to wander in the street of Paris during the hottest days. Neither will timeless loafers ever fade away! Both are timeless footwear options that will style great with your LIVVIE S.U.I.T.!

Want advice on your special LIVVIE S.U.I.T. or you want to try it on first? Visit one of our points of sale in Antwerp, Belgium or in the Netherlands in Maastricht, Eindhoven and Eersel. All pieces are completely handmade and our tailored-service is included!

Production time is 2-3 business days. However, do you need something very last minute? Send us an email and we'll make it work! 

Your effortlessly chic style in Paris