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Client review

“I am in love with the soft touch & comfort of my LIV|VIE S.U.I.T. I had an immediate preference for the soft pink CAMILLE S.U.I.T. and I am beyond surprised of how the pastel color shines in the sunlight. Yes, it is definitely a ‘blush pink’ S.U.I.T. that instantly set’s my mood playful & romantic! I also love the matching hair accessories! Justine De Jonckheere ~ Ex-miss Belgium

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  • Liv

    The Original Cobalt Blue Suit

    The intense cobalt blue and yellow colours combined with the artistic drawings of beautiful flowers give this S.U.I.T. a unique luxurious look. Cobalt is a royal shade of blue, even referred to by Van Gogh as a divine colour, representing intuition and the appreciation for art and beauty. Balanced with the champagne white undertone of the S.U.I.T., this S.U.I.T. is equally elegant as abundant. Perfect for any occasion needing that extra bit of grandeur.

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  • Emil

    The vibrant jungle suit

    The vibrant colour combination of this S.U.I.T., combined with the jungle-inspired print, give this S.U.I.T. a playful and energetic vibe. This S.U.I.T. will give you an instant Summer spirit, adding a ray of sunshine to any occasion. Ready, set, go - for taking your meeting outside or enjoying your afterwork drink by the pool.

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  • Magnus

    The Navy Blue Suit

    Navy blue symbolizes loyalty and strength. Wearing this colour is believed to enhance feelings of empowerment and courage, as well as conveying trust. The lustrous shine of the natural silk fibre adds a vigorous touch to the dark and deep blue colour, making this S.U.I.T. both classic and festive. This combination makes this S.U.I.T. a perfect fit for all occasions where you need that extra bit of power.

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  • Camille

    The Blush Pink Suit

    The blush pink colour of this S.U.I.T. symbolizes nurturing femininity, playfulness and romance. The lucent effect of the light on the pink silk fibre gives this S.U.I.T. a dazzling flush of first love as well as timeless elegance. This S.U.I.T is a perfect companion for embodying your feminine authenticity.

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dress smart & fancy in breathable silk | LIV|VIE

Dress smart & fancy in breathable silk
Designed in Antwerp & hand-made in Europe from high-quality and ethically sourced Mulberry Silk
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Designed in Antwerp, handmade in Europe

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