Do you have a special someone in your life who likes living life to the fullest ? Someone you admire for managing a busy agenda or confronting a (business) challenge ? Or perhaps your someone special deserves some extra comfort and re-assurance for that next fancy party ? Or some convincing and incentive to slow down and plan some well-deserved cocoon time ?

To all you LIV|VIE loving gentlemen and gentlefriends, we made this shopping guide just for you !

The S.U.I.T. is all about luxury, elegance and comfort ! The smooth and soothing touch of the mulberry silk will feel as a second skin. The reflection of the light on the natural mulberry silk fiber will add a luxurious and lustrous shine when moving. The fitting of the S.U.I.T. will graciously drape around the body curves for a feminine and elegant look.

Please consult the LIV|VIE size guide to find the right size. Asking for the body measurements of your someone special may be awkward but with the right hint of an exclusive gift coming her way, you will definitely be convincing ! If not, find a blouse with similar fit and measure the width at the bust and waist. Then, find some pants that fit your someone special perfectly and measure the lower hip area.

If one of your measurements falls between sizes, please order the smaller size for a tighter fit or the larger size for a looser fit.

General tip: when in doubt, choose the smaller size as the LIV|VIE S.U.I.T. naturally falls loose above the elastics at your wrists, your hips and your ankles.

Does your special someone like extravagant prints and vigorous colors ? Without doubt, choose a S.U.I.T. with an exclusive print, like the LIV COBALT BLUE or EMIL VIBRANT JUNGLE S.U.I.T.

Is the wardrobe of your someone special filled with more nude and pink colors, then choose the CAMILLE BLUSH PINK S.U.I.T. In case your someone special regularly dresses in blue tones and black and brown solid colors, definitely choose the MAGNUS NAVY BLUE S.U.I.T.

If you still need some extra guidance or support, feel free to contact our LIV|VIE Customer Service at or use the contact form in the webshop to request personal help.

We promise to follow-up as quickly as possible and no later than 2 business days.

Of course, in case of mis-judgement or measurement troubles we wont let you down ! The order can be returned and the love will most certainly still be great.

Good luck ! We sincerely hope you experience that extra extraordinary happiness from your special someone when you gift the S.U.I.T.

You can always go that extra mile by presenting your gift to your someone special in a fun or surprising way. In that case, know the preferences of your someone special and go all-in ! Perhaps your someone special can find the S.U.I.T. ‘ready to wear’ when she walks in her dressing ? Perhaps tease your special someone with hints about the S.U.I.T., waiting for her later that day ?


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