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The Story of the S.U.I.T.

The Story of the S.U.I.T. image


Your S.U.I.T. will give you that touch of confidence to face any challenge & encourage you to slow down and treat yourself with some nourishing me-time.

We believe that the combination of both results in a balanced lifestyle.

The creation of the S.U.I.T.

Kim Jacobs, the Creative Director of LIV|VIE created the S.U.I.T. out of a necessity, a need for a comfortable look that would also eye stylish.

During my modelling career, taking off my heels and dress was my first priority when getting home. Also today, when arriving home I cannot find the comfort I am looking for in my business attire or even my jeans !

On the other hand, I always missed the elegant & classy look when wearing casual loungewear. I would never leave the house in a hoodie or sweat-style pants.

I decided to design an ensemble that would give me the comfort & confidence I was looking for. This resulted in a quest of many years looking for the perfect textile & fitting.

After years of sampling, I am proud to share with you the LIV|VIE S.U.I.T.

I would describe the LIV|VIE S.U.I.T. as a luxurious, comfortable & elegant timeless classic to serve ambitious & successful women. My designs must encourage every woman to feel confident when going out and feel supported to slow down. Treat yourself regularly with some nurturing time, I hope the S.U.I.T. inspires & helps you to get into that cocooning mode."

The fitting of the S.U.I.T.

The S.U.I.T. is comfortable for relaxing at home but equally stylish and elegant for the workplace and your social events. Let the S.U.I.T. support you, for every opportunity you wish to shine.

The S.U.I.T. gives you easy-on the go elegance. After all, style should never be hard work. 

The end result? Slow fashion that will become the favourite signature piece in your dressing, season after season. 

The power of the S.U.I.T.

The LIV|VIE S.U.I.T. also serves as a symbol of feminine empowerment. The soothing touch of the mulberry silk fibre, the comfortable and gracious fitting of the two-piece ensemble and the luxurious lustrous shine will inspire, support and empower every woman.

Live life to the fullest. Create beautiful memories, maximize every opportunity & overcome any challenge. Unapologetically claim your life of bliss. Also, treat yourself with the comfort to slow down & to cocoon. We believe that the combination of both results in a balanced, fulfilling and blissful life.

This makes LIV|VIE more than just a fashion brand, the S.U.I.T. stands for a declaration of authentic values and living a blissful lifestyle.

So, slow down, take a deep breath and treat yourself some elegance, comfort and authenticity.


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